Rising to the Challenge: TZC Secures Final Tower Crossbeams


Congratulations to Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC’s) main span team and everyone supporting the efforts to place the 4th and last crossbeam.

March 6, 2016 - The new bridge is one step closer to completion this week with the installation of its final concrete crossbeam. Weighing nearly 750 tons, the crossbeam joins three others on the main span to reinforce the cable-stayed bridge and support the future road deck of the main span.

The four-hour operation was carried out with extreme precision by TZC’s synchronized team of project managers, crane operators, ironworkers, engineers, electricians, mechanics and survey crews who raised the 70-foot crossbeam with the Left Coast Lifter, one of the largest floating cranes in the world and the only piece of equipment on the project capable of raising this massive piece.

Temporary falsework will hold the crossbeams in place as TZC makes permanent connections to the towers in the coming weeks. The strength of these connections is critical to the integrity of the bridge, securing the outward-angled towers as they grow to their ultimate 419-foot height.

Coastal Precast Systems of Chesapeake, Virginia, fabricated the crossbeams: two 70-foot-long beams for the westbound bridge (which includes the future bike-pedestrian path) and two 60-foot-long beams for the eastbound crossing. Weighing nearly 3,000 tons in total, the four beams were cast on a floating barge, which then travelled from southern Virginia through New York Harbor and up the Hudson River earlier this year.

Deck operations are scheduled to begin this summer when TZC places steel sections on which large road deck panels will be installed. Supported by steel cables, the structural steel and deck work will continue outward from the towers until meeting with the advancing approach spans from Rockland and Westchester.

This colossal effort is only one example of the dedication, talent and teamwork that makes up our TZC team. With outstanding safety records, the TZC team is well on its way into a successful 2016 construction season, ensuring the bridge will be ready to open on time in 2018.