Frequently Asked Questions


What types of services will TZC be procuring to help build the New NY Bridge project?

While opportunities may exist in all service categories, the remaining work is tied to the construction of the New NY Bridge.  For this reason, TZC is primarily seeking construction industry firms.  This includes construction contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers.  

How do I gain access to New NY Bridge contract opportunities led by the TZC Team?

TZC procures construction, professional, material and supply services through a competitive best value procurement process.   TZC seeks firms for these services exclusively from the TZC Vendor Database.  To be considered for these opportunities, contractors, consultants and vendors should register with TZC through our website.  Registered firms are automatically added to the TZC Vendor Database. 

How do I know when TZC will be procuring services my firm provides? 

TZC sends a monthly email communication to all firms in the TZC Vendor Database providing information on all upcoming procurements to take place in the next 90 days.  You can also visit the Upcoming Procurements page to view a list of these opportunities, which are updated regularly.

My business is not located in New York.  Will TZC recognize my New Jersey DBE certification?

Yes.  The New NY Bridge has been designated a Project of National Significance, which provides TZC the ability to recognize DBE firms certified in any state.  So there is no need to get certified in New York if your firm is already certified elsewhere.

How many opportunities exist for DBEs on the New NY Bridge project?  

There will be several opportunities with TZC over the course of the next few years, mainly in the construction service and supply area.  The overall DBE goal for the project is 10%, which translates to about $314 million in opportunities for DBEs.  We have a long way to go to meet this goal. Click here to view the latest updates on the project M/W/DBE Program. 

How long does it take to get DBE certified?

It depends on the complexity of your business structure and the availability of certification staff, but our experience is that it takes about 90-120 days for most firms.  TZC has the ability to request expedited DBE certification for firms being considered for subcontract opportunities on the project.

How can I meet members of the TZC team?

Interest in the New NY Bridge project is high and for this reason TZC may not have the ability to quickly respond to all requests for information or meetings.  If you would like to meet members of our team, we encourage you to attend our monthly Business Orientation Meeting held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Click here to view the list of upcoming meetings and register to attend.

What is the Project Labor Agreement and how does this affect my firm?  

The Authority has signed a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) with local unions.  The PLA sets the ground rules for use of trade laborers on the New NY Bridge project.  All firms providing trade labor on the New NY Bridge project are required to use craft workers dispatched through local unions signatory to the PLA.  A copy of the PLA can be found here. We encourage all construction industry firms to review the requirements of the PLA before pursuing work on the New NY Bridge project.

How can I confirm that my firm is properly registered with TZC and included in the TZC Vendor Database?

You can send an email to requesting confirmation that your firm is registered and in the TZC Vendor Database.  You may also request a copy of your firm's business profile in our database.  Feel free to update your firm's profile by completing the TZC Questionnaire provided here.

What are the steps I need to take to work on the project?

See the How To Do Business with TZC page for information on how you can prepare to do business with TZC.